I am a JOYFUL human spirited being.  I am 47 years young and enjoy creating new expressions of myself through the very virtue of “playing” as much as possible.  Whether it’s taking Digital Photography Art classes in town at the Art School, dancing with energy/orbs and the elements, hanging with my SiStar and great friends, researching, meditating or enjoying nature….I am in constant wonderment of it all.

I have learned late in life to live more creatively and not to judge myself and totally play and create just for me and just for fun.  I hope that some of my soon to be published pictures of nature’s fairies, orbs and energies bring back some magic and wonderment to your life on this planet as they did mine.

We are more powerful and expansive than we realize and we’re all waking up to that fact.  Here’s just a few visual reminders that there is more going on than we often realize all around us.  Be EN-JOY 🙂


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